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Receipt Paper, Ribbons, Barcode Label

Global Vision is ready to meet your labeling needs with a full range of stock blank labels for your printer as well as completely pre-printed labels. With options for a variety of sizes, colors, and material types, we have the perfect match for any application. Whether you’re making shipping labels, company asset tags, or safety compliance stickers we'll get you the right labels.


Receipt Paper, Ribbons, Barcode Label Star Micronics

Receipt Paper, Ribbons, Barcode Label DNP

Receipt Paper, Ribbons, Barcode Label Sony

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Paper for dot matrix
Provider: Other
Code: 87568
Paper needles in all sizes, 1 link, 2 link.
Thermal Paper
Provider: Other
Code: 45675
Thermal paper rolls in all kinds of standards are szie 80mm * 30m, 80mm * 50m, 80mm * 80m, ... Used to print the invoice, the report card, ATM systems, ...
Decal rolls
Provider: Other
Code: 67544
Along with paper decal material, aluminum stamps, many specifications, the size parameters used in barcodes, product content, are widely used in bookstores, supermarkets, pricing labels, libraries, hospitals, enterprise companies,..
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR3370 High Opacity
Provider: DNP
DNP’s opaque white resin, TR3370, was specifically formulated for PVC shrink tubing and is highly resistant to ethanol and isopropanol.
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR4070 Classic
Provider: DNP
Code: TR4070 Classic
DNP premium resin ribbons provide durable, scratch-resistant images on preprinted or treated label surfaces for your most demandingapplications.
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR6040 Specialty
Provider: DNP
Code: TR6040 Specialty
TR6040 is a specialty resin product designed to work for the most demanding applications on paper and synthetic paper substrates where durability and scratch resistance are necessary.
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR6070
Provider: DNP
Code: TR6070
TR6070 is unique in the industry — the best resin ribbon for printing on coated and synthetic paper substrates. It is also able to withstand environmental temperatures of up to 220° C (428° F) making it perfect for applications li..
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR6075
Provider: DNP
Code: TR6075
DNP has the most elite resin ribbon offering in the industry. TR6075’s extensive label adaptability and high print speed capability makes it the most diverse resin of its kind
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR5050 High Performance
Provider: DNP
Code: TR5050 High Performa
TR5050 is the first universal product to combine the flexibility of an all-purpose ribbon with the durability of a wax/resin ribbon.
DNP Wax Resin Ribbons TR4065 Classic
Provider: DNP
Code: TR4065 Classic
TR4065 is the fastest growing ribbon for the outdoor tag market. It prints at energy levels equal to or less than wax ribbons. TR4065 also provides durability comparable to resin ribbons on many low-end synthetics.
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