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Handheld, Barcode Scanner, Wireless, Rugged

Our Mobile Computers and portable data terminals are the perfect multi-use tool for your advanced data capture and mobility needs. With options for batch and real-time wireless (Wi-Fi and Cellular) data capture, we have units for every application and environment. Find the right device for wherever your business takes you.

At Global Vision, our mobile computing solutions enable you to advance your data capture and management needs in applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, and field service. We carry handheld mobile computers, rugged notebook computers or laptops, mobile printers and mobile carts to help enhance the productivity of your employees and improve your customer response times.


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Provider: Motorola
Code: MC18
1D 2D Bluetooth Touch Screen
Motorola Solution’s advanced imaging engine enables the split-second capture of any 1D or 2D bar code, regardless of whether it is printed on paper or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone — or whether it is damaged, scratched..
Data Collector Datalogic Lynx PDA
Provider: Datalogic
Code: Lynx
2D Touch Screen Voice communications Window OS
The Lynx™ PDA combines the latest technology in a pocketable and robust package. This state-of-the-art PDA features an 806 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash
Data Collector Casio IT-600
Provider: Casio
Code: IT-600
Bluetooth Laser Touch Screen USB Window OS
The mobile and extremely tough data terminal IT-600 was designed especially for fast data analysis and contemporary comparisons of data and sales conditions
Datalogic JOYA X1
Provider: Datalogic
Code: JOYA X1
1D 2D Bluetooth Touch Screen Voice communications
The Joya X1 device is Datalogic’s pod used for self-shopping solutions. It offers cutting-edge technology and advanced performance in an ergonomic form factor that is easy to use.
Data Collector Motorola SB1
Provider: Motorola
Code: SB1
1D 2D Wireless
Help every one of your associates better serve customers with the SB1 Smart Badge. A brand-new category of mobile device, the SB1 is worn around the neck, on a belt or arm and not only allows shoppers to identify associates, but a..
Data Collector Motorola MC55N0
Provider: Motorola
Code: MC55N0
2D Card Reader Touch Screen Voice communications Window OS Wireless
The MC55N0 delivers outstanding performance, even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, water. And all models can be sanitized with many common cleaners without harming the housing or the sensitive electronics.
Data Collector Motorola FR68
Provider: Motorola
Code: FR68
1D Window OS Wireless
The Motorola FR68 elevates the standard for best value pocket-sized enterprise mobile computers with converged voice and data services.
Data Collector Motorola TC55
Provider: Motorola
Code: TC55
1D Bluetooth Touch Screen Voice communications Wireless
To get the job done, your field workers need a rugged, reliable device to provide remote access to real-time data. They also need a device that is easy to use. Introducing the TC55, the pocket-sized, all-touch mobile computer that..
Symbol TC70 Touch Computer
Provider: Motorola
Code: TC70
1D 2D Touch Screen Voice communications
he TC70 is the professional-grade Android device built from the ground up for the enterprise. You get cutting edge technology, including Motorola’s Extensions (Mx), which turns Android into a true enterprise-class operating system..
Data Collector Casio IT-300
Provider: Casio
Code: IT-300
1D Touch Screen Voice communications Wireless
With the launch of the new IT-300 Handheld Business device, CASIO is offering a device that combines the user-friendliness of trendy smartphones with a high sense
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