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Global Vision offer a full line of digital scales and Balances: Digi, Metler toledo, Bizerba  Weighing and many more. Digital scales for almost any type of digital scale such as digital jewelry scales, digital Medical scales, digital Crane Scales, digital floor Scales, digital Laboratory Balances and many more

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Digi RM-60 Scale receipt printer
Provider: DiGi
Code: RM-60
Cân in hóa đơn
Designed for sales transactions with weighing and cash control in open-air retail markets.
Digi DS-502 Water-Proof Weighing Scales
Provider: DiGi
Code: DS-502
The Digi DS-502 is an EC/Class III approved, IP65 splash proof bench scale. As part of our range of trade approved bench scales, this highly accurate industrial weighing scale can be used for buying and selling goods where price i..
Weighing Electronics Digi SM-5500
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM-5500
Cân in hóa đơn Màn Hình Cảm Ứng
SM-5500α, the advanced PC based system scale printer that provides multi-retail solutions at your finger tips. Boost revenue, manage queues and improve operation throughput with the many innovative functions of the SM-5500α and ex..
Weighing Electronics Digi SM-5400
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM-5400
Ergonomic, Elegant and Affordable
Digi SM-5100 Scale
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM-5100
Cân in hóa đơn Cân in mã vạch
The SM-5100 increases throughput of counter transactions with speedy weighing and printing operation. Its robust yet sophisticated appearance looks good on counters in modern stores, providing added value for your store operation...
Weighing Electronics Digi SM-500V2
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM-500V2
Cân in hóa đơn Cân in mã vạch
SM-500V2 is a high performance, eye-catching machine designed for the high volume business. Features like fast processing and printing on a wider receipt or label, provide you with a business advantage during the busiest hours.
Weighing Electronics Digi SM-5000H
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM-5000H
SM-5500α, the advanced PC based system scale printer that provides multi-retail solutions at your finger tips
Digi RM-40 II Scale with Printer
Provider: DiGi
Code: RM-40Ⅱ
Cân in hóa đơn
Built-in high speed thermal printer for receipt printing. Easy paper handling with a simple loading mechanism. Store name and message can be printed on receipts.
Weighing Electronics Digi SM-5600
Provider: DiGi
Code: SM 5600BS
The solution for accurate, fast and friendly sales transactions. Widely used on fresh food counters including self-service. Label printing PC based, network solution.
Digi DS-785 Solas
Provider: DiGi
Code: DS-785
The DS-785 Solas is a price computing scale designed for sustainability. The Solas is powered by solar battery, and can also run on power from its built-in dynamo (electric generator)
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