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POS Equipments

Global Vision has more than a decade of experience offering complete POS solutions to our retail and hospitality customers. Whether you need to set up a complete POS system from scratch or you need to add peripherals and software to your basic system, we can help you find the right solution.


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Price Checker Shuttle SG-15 Price Verifier
Provider: Other
Code: SG-15 Price Verifier
The Scantech-ID Shuttle SG-15 is the latest product developed by the company that has more than 10 years of experience in the field of customer information systems.
Price Checker Scantech SK40
Provider: Scantech ID
Code: SK40
SK40 is a color-screen Price Verifiers. With 4.3 inch color display and price checker functionality, it can provide customer who prefer a color display and easy access to the information. SK40 will provide the price verifying func..
Keyboard Pos TA85-TA85P
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: TA85-TA85P
POS keyboards are not simply keyboards, rather they also combine devices such as a key lock, card reader and operator display.
Keyboard Pos Preh MC 80 WX
Provider: Other
Code: MC 80 WX
The compact MC-WX keyboards are ergonomically designed programmable data input systems, comprising an integrated magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and additional modular functions.
TSC KU-007 Plus Programmable Smart Keyboard
Provider: TSC
Code: KU-007
The TSC™ KU-007 Plus programmable smart keyboard works as a small portable PC, enabling users to communicate with a wide variety of bar code printers, while conserving valuable work space.
Keyboard Pos MCI 84
Provider: Other
Code: MCI 84
The compact MCI keyboards are cashdesk keyboards for the point of sale. MCI 84 are extremely reliable and user-friendly by ergonomic handling and modular flexibility. They require little space.
Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS LCD Keyboard
Provider: Toshiba Tec
Code: 67-Key POS LCD
The Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS Keyboard with LCD is for retailers who require a character display for operator messages and function keys to support POS applications, such as in grocery stores or mass merchandisers.
Keyboard Pos TA61
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: TA61
TA61 keyboard with programmable functions with 5x12 or 7x12 key structure. Depending on the application, they are mounted and labeled for single key-way,
Posiflex TA-220 Reader Attachment
Provider: Posiflex
Code: TA-220
Card reader TA-220 is plugged directly into the ipad. A free app is then downloaded to allow the ipad to take credit and debit card payments.
Toshiba Modular CANPOS Keyboard
Provider: Toshiba Tec
The compact alpha-numeric POS keyboard, 20 percent smaller than the standard Modular ANPOS keyboard, is valued by customers with limited counter space and is used with Toshiba SurePOS Systems 700, 500 and 300.
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