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Global Vision has more than a decade of experience offering complete POS solutions to our retail and hospitality customers. A Point of Sale System includes everything you'll need to get started with POS in your business. Depending on your needs and the type of business you have, we have systems specifically designed for retail, restaurant, bar, grocery, salon, and iPad based applications.

Each system is made to provide the most efficient and productive POS experience for you and your customers. Whether you need to set up a complete POS system from scratch or you need to add peripherals and software to your basic system, we can help you find the right solution.

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 Wincor Nixdorf BEETLE /iPOS plus
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BEETLE iPOS plus
Cổng LAN Cổng USB Màn Hình Cảm Ứng RS232
All-in-one 15“ multitouch POS and kiosk system. Energy efficient Intel Atom processor. Projected capacitive multitouch. Sealed, fanless aluminum chassis. IPx4 splash proof protection. Various adaptable peripherals
POS System Wincor Nixdorf Beetle Express
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: Beetle Express
Cổng LAN Cổng USB HĐH Linux HĐH Window Màn Hình Cảm Ứng RS232
The BEETLE /Express is a versatile and compact POS terminal or kiosk system with an elegant and stylish “all-in-one” design and graphical touch user interface.
POS System Wincor Nixdorf  Beetle Mini
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: Beetle Mini
Cổng USB HĐH Window Màn Hình Cảm Ứng
The Beetle-Mini is Wincor Nixdorf’s flagship POS designed specifically for smaller store owners based on the companies’ existing technology supplied to international retailers.
POS Touch Screen BA90
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BA90
Small footprintleek modern bezel free design and robust aluminum housing, the BA90 features projected capacitive touch technology supporting multi-touch. For the use as customer display, there is also a non-touch version availabl..
Wincor POS Touch Screen BA82
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BA82
The BA82 embodies rugged technology in an appealing look. The screen is the central point for input at stateof- the-art POS systems that make use of touch screen technology.
POS Screen Wincor BA80
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BA80
The BA80 is an 8.4“ TFT screen that has been designed for use as a customer display as part of Wincor Nixdorf‘s BA8x family
Wincor Nixdorf POS Touch Screens BA91W
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BA91W
The BA91W features the unique Wincor Nixdorf PanlelLink2TM interface. This allows for operation of the displays via a single cable solution
Display POS Partner Tech BA83
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: BA83
BA83 screen is touch screen 15in TFT technology is designed for POS applications. BA83 contains powerful technology in an attractive design.
Wincor Nixdorf Beetle iPOS Systems
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: iPOS
Cổng LAN Cổng USB HĐH Window
Wincor Nixdorf Beetle iPOS Systems, All-in-one POS system Designed for lowest total cost of ownership Retail-hardened system design for maximum reliability Optimally geared to the future due to a system architecture based on es..
Wincor Nixdorf  Beetle i8A-1 Point of sale system
Provider: Wincor Nixdorf
Code: Beetle i8A-1
Cổng USB HĐH Window Màn Hình Cảm Ứng
Wincor Nixdorf Beetle i8A-1 features greater functionality and integration of external peripherals for SME retailers that need more flexibility from store technology.
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