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Receipt Printer - USB, Thermal, Impact, Portable & More

Restaurants, banks, retail and other heavy-use environments will benefit from our wide selection of high-speed thermal and impact journal, slip, validation and Printer Whether you need a desktop, mobile, or kiosk based printer, we have a model to meet the demands of any business.


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Receipt Printer Star BSC 10 Series
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: BSC10 Series
To expand sales in the emerging country market, and To release a low price model which can compete with local manufacturers.
Receipt Printer Star TSP 143U II - TSP 100 ECO
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP 143U II - TSP 100 ECO
The TSP100ECO, the world’s first ECO POS printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT.
Receipt Printer Epson TM-T90
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-T90
Printing at a maximum speed of 170 mm/sec,there is no doubt that it is the fastest printer in its class* even when printing barcodes and logos.
Receipt Printer Epson TM-H5000II
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-H5000II
Expanded versatility with both thermal and dot matrix printing. Receipt output at a fast 38 LPS (1/8"), plus ladder and fence bar code printing.
Receipt Printer Epson TM-H6000II
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-H6000II
Designed for speed, the Epson TM-H6000II prints receipts at an impressive maximum speed of 170mm/sec. Checks can be printed and endorsed without the need to be manually reversed.
Receipt Printer Epson TM-U230
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-U230
Install the TM-U230 wherever you want:vertically (paper exit at the front),horizontally (paper exit on top), or hanging on the wall (bracket optional).
Receipt Printer Star TSP1000
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP1000
The TSP1000 is a specialty POS solution that offers truly outstanding value, reliability, performance and quality.
Receipt Printer Epson TM-U295
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-U295
The Epson TM-U295 is the world's smallest slip printer, perfect for POS terminals. With four print sizes, four print directions and a "page mode" that lets you print practically anywhere on the document, it offers all the opti..
Receipt Printer Epson TM-U675
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-U675
This easy-to-use POS printer sports superior slip handling and printing speeds that satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.
Receipt Printer Citizen CT-S310
Provider: Citizen
Code: CT-S310
Citizen CT-S310 series has all the features in one: 150 mm / sec high-speed printing, the smallest footprint in the series and with two standard interfaces (USB + serial, Parallel, or Ethernet )
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