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Receipt Printer - USB, Thermal, Impact, Portable & More

Restaurants, banks, retail and other heavy-use environments will benefit from our wide selection of high-speed thermal and impact journal, slip, validation and Printer Whether you need a desktop, mobile, or kiosk based printer, we have a model to meet the demands of any business.


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Receipt Printer Star TSP 143U II - TSP 100 ECO
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP 143U II - TSP 100 ECO
Cổng LPT Cổng USB HĐH Window In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232 Wi-Fi
The TSP100ECO, the world’s first ECO POS printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT.
Receipt Printer Star BSC 10 Series
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: BSC10 Series
Cổng LPT Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp Mã Vạch 2D RS232
To expand sales in the emerging country market, and To release a low price model which can compete with local manufacturers.
Receipt Printer Star TSP700 II
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP700 II
Bluetooth Cho Android Cho IPhone Cổng LPT Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232
Building on the industry success of the TSP700 from Star Micronics, with a print speed of 48 receipts per minute (250mm/sec), the TSP700II is the best single station printer you can expect.
Receipt Printer Star SP700
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: SP700
Cổng LPT Cổng USB HĐH Window In kim RS232 Wi-Fi
High speed, reliable matrix printers perfect for busy restaurant kitchens. Designed to cope with heat and high humidity environments.
Receipt Printer Star TSP 143U - TSP100
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP 143U - TSP100
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp Mã Vạch 1D
Introducing the TSP100 futurePRNT, the first all-in-one receipt printer. Yes, all the parts and software are included in one box.
Receipt Printer Toshiba TRST-A10
Provider: Toshiba Tec
Code: TRST-A10
Cổng LPT Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232
The ethernet interface on the TRST-A10 printer enables the POS printer to connect to any local area network in the area without having to connect to a POS system next to it
Star Micronics TSP654IIBTi-24 Bluetooth Receipt Printer
Provider: Star Micronics
Code: TSP654IIBTi-24
In Nhiệt Theo Dòng Mã Vạch 2D
The TSP654IIBTi-24 POS Thermal Receipt Printer is a super-fast, reliable Bluetooth receipt printer for use with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Ideal for use with applications such as Mobile POS, the receipt printer also features..
Receipt Printer Citizen CT-S281
Provider: Citizen
Code: CT-S281
Cổng USB In Nhiệt Theo Dòng In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp Mã Vạch 2D RS232
Line Printer CT-S281 is the most advanced industry two-inch thermal printer.
EPSON TM-T20II Series Pos Receipt Printer
Provider: Espon
Code: TM-T20II
Cổng USB In Truyền Nhiệt RS232
This monitors and controls the amount of paper used. Paper costs are minimised by printing the top logo of the next receipt before cutting, so the top margin is further reduced by 12mm.
Partner Tech RP-500 Thermal Receipt Printer
Provider: Partner Tech
Code: RP 500
Cổng LPT Cổng USB In Nhiệt Trực Tiếp RS232
he printer runs on a very low standby power consumption of 1 watt. Various interfaces (serial, parallel, ethernet or USB) guarantee a quick and easy installation and simple integration into a variety of POS environments. When impl..
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